Adobe Flash Player To Completely Disappear From Microsoft Edge Browser

A new update for Windows 10 is on the horizon and it comes along with many but at the same time interesting changes. One of the bigger ones is the complete removal of Flash web page content from Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge introduced a new click-to-play function back in summer and meant it stopped Adobe Flash content as it requires users to click on ads and videos on a page in order to view them. Microsoft is taking it a step further with their upcoming update as it will disable Flash entirely by default.

Adobe Flash will be disregarded in favor of HTML5 which will run a cleaner browsing experience. Flash is said to hit rock bottom as it does not improve performance and overall stability and battery life. Microsoft’s decision might’ve come after the security issue fiasco that Adobe was prone of regardless of their constant fixes.

If users decide to still make use of the Flash Player they will have the option of deciding whether to load it or not on sites that depend on using it. It can also be set as a preference, as Microsoft Edge will display a dialog box when Flash is needed to run.

Other browsers will do the same thing this year and others have ditched support for Adobe Flash. Such was the case with Google’s Chrome 55. They’ve made HTML5 as their default go-to instead of using Flash for playing multimedia content.

Notwithstanding Adobe’s pioneering advances in software regarding multimedia development, they’ve been prone to cybernetic attacks and developers should adopt today’s standards in terms of which software is best to go forward with.

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