The Rise and Fall of Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player made its debut more than two decades ago, and its rise and fall from power made quite a splash in the tech world. Since its initial release, Adobe Flash Player managed to climb to the top and quickly became the standard solution when it came to browsing and application development.

Although not everyone shared this view, with Apple’s Steve Jobs being one of the most known combatants of Flash, the majority decided that Flash is the way to go, hence all the major websites of today are based on Flash. Fast forward a couple years and you will find yourself in 2007, when Flash first started giving signs of failure. While Flash was spreading across multiple spectrums, Apple CEO Steve Jobs spoke against it and claimed that its plugin was very detrimental to a machine’s resources. Also, he was a blunt supported of HTML which was preparing to launch HTML5 back then.

Fast forward once again and now it’s late 2016, and everyone is ditching Flash. If you really were to jump through time like that, you would probably be perplexed by a lot of things such as robotics and advanced transplant procedures, and also how Flash completely went from hero to zero.

The problem with Flash is its vulnerability towards exterior attackers. This problem has grown over the years as the technology behind Flash continued to age. We now find Flash running with constant updates, but still based on technology that is now more than 20 years old. Tech professionals do not shy away from calling that “ancient” in their world. Late 2016 was swarming with cases of attacks and security breaches which were made possible by vulnerabilities found in Flash. The decay of Flash became official when Google ditched it in favor of HTML 5, and removed it as the default solution for its Chrome browser. While Flash is too spread out to be completely removed overnight, the first steps are being taken and 2017 and 2018 are predicted to hold massive drops in Flash user shares.

We will have to wait and see how the situation evolved, as Flash is trying to find some kind of salvation by now returning with a new update for Mac OS, after it had previously stated that won’t happen. Most believe Flash is beyond salvation and that it is only a matter of time before it’s gone.

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