Adobe Flash Player Download and Install on PC, Android and iOS

Truth be told, Adobe Flash Player has indeed an entire list of defects and many tech experts think it is outdated. Despite this opinion, it still is one of the most popular online programs, most likely because all of its infrastructure is settled and many people got used to it in time. Moreover, it’s easy to install and quite accessible, even for devices that don’t support it anymore. Here you have a step-by-step guide to installing Adobe Flash Player if you need it on your devices:

For computers and laptops

In this case, you can simply access the official website and download the program from there. Just go to and the site will detect what operating system you are using, offering you the version you need. Currently Flash is at version, which includes various security patches for some bugs. However, most devices are compatible with the software.

For Android

If you have an Android device, you may have noticed until now that you can’t download the Adobe Flash Player program from the official Google Play Store. However, as long as you have Android 4.0 or below, you can still install it. For this, you have to go to Settings/Applications and choose Unknown Sources. Then you have to open the browser and go to and search for the version that matches your firmware. Then you just have to download and install it.

For iOS

Sadly, iPhone and iPad users cannot install Adobe Flash Player on their devices since it is not supported. However, there are some other solutions, such as alternative apps like Photon Browser and Puffin that let you access Flash content. Sadly, both of them need you to pay if you want to take advantage for the full versions, but it is useful if you really need to use Flash.

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