Dead Space 4 – Essential Things Needed to Bring Back Its Popularity

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Many fans are looking forward to the latest installment from Visceral Games, which is Dead Space 4. However, EA and Visceral Games teamed up in the development of Battlefield Hardline instead. The success of Hardline in 2016 should have been a way of rekindling the flames with the franchise named Dead Space. On the contrary, it was noted by Visceral Games that they still have more things on their hands, despite the successful shipment of Battlefield Hardline.

On the other hand, the boring response taken by Dead Space 3 was not at all an indication that the franchise has indeed faded. In fact, there is still a chance for this franchise to rise up with the expected release of Dead Space 4 to save the day. Well, it is not that easy though. Unless, of course, Dead Space 4 would introduce some really interesting features.

It Should Add More Horror into It

According to reports, the last installment was not able to impress the fans because it somewhat made a departure from the original game. As a matter of fact, many elements such as survival horror scenes were missing, which made the game a bit boring.

Environments Must Include Close Quarters

Fans may have missed the monster-filled mining ship, the ice-world abandoned by all, and the space station on the brink of destruction. Thus, it can be observed that the best locations in these series are commonly within a claustrophobic environment. Thus, part of the original Dead Space franchise was the lack of space and open areas, pushing the players at maze-like tunnels and low-ceilinged corridors.

It Should Be Packed with Psychological Horror

One of the best situations from Dead Space 2 was the idea that the main protagonist in the game was having a deteriorating mind. In this sense, the character was having some hallucinations, which give players the impression that the game was way beyond the hero. With some creative developments, Dead Space 4 might just have some reviving mechanisms to bring the franchise back on track.

The Story Should Be Tied Up

It can be observed from the ending of Dead Space 3 having a bittersweet closure. Thus, the fates of the characters Carver, Ellie, and Isaac were still left at an open end in which the situation was never made better.

There Should Be More Isaac as an Engineer

Instead of focusing more on Isaac as a soldier, it should focus more on the role of Isaac as an engineer. Thus, when ammunition for weapons should be scarce and ineffective at times against waves of necromorphs, players might be able to learn how to aim more effectively.

The problem with Dead Space 3 was that it enabled players to find ammunition quite regularly. To help the franchise get back to its great environment, it should focus more on his role as an engineer, rather than a soldier trained for combat. It might help to make weapons more difficult to find, and the use of engineering tools should be more effective for the survival of the hero.

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