Gmail or Outlook – Which One Is Better?

When it comes to email services, you can always use one that should suit your needs. But when two email services go against each other, such as Gmail vs Outlook, you should consider a comparative review. Here are a few points as a way of differentiating these 2 email services.

User Experience

For most users, it matters to have a user-friendly email service. For instance, user aesthetics might be subjective, but they surely matter. If your design is too bright, it can lead to eyestrain at the end of the day. On this category, Gmail can be customized in order to meet your preferences.

In terms of unread emails, text in Gmail are bigger compared to Outlook. There are also bold and non-bold texts that can help you determine if there are new emails on the inbox.

Inbox Searching

If you want to write an email and need to have an old reference from the list of previous emails, you can simply view them at the same time on your screen. However, Outlook has a cleaner new message process. When searching for older items, you will be able to see a full image of your new message.

Cost and Storage

Getting Outlook or Gmail is easy, as you can download it along with the rest of the cloud office suite, namely Microsoft Office 365 or G-Suite. Outlook can offer several other plans but the cheapest would designate 50GB of inbox storage together with the 1TB of linked cloud office suite.

G-Suite, on the other hand, offers 2 prices for email, as does other business apps such as Google Docs, Calendar, and Google Sheets. However, your $5 a month would get you 30GB of Gmail and other office apps. Another $5 per person, you will be able to upgrade your business account using unlimited storage space across such platforms.

Perhaps choosing between Gmail and Outlook, you should know that it is just a matter of preference. Some people would like one better than the other having limitations.

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  1. For me; is the winner! Have used them for years and tried Gmail (out of curiosity) and found the service to be inferior to Outlook.

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