How to Install WhatsApp for Nokia N8?

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When it comes to messaging apps, WhatsApp definitely ranks at the top. In fact, it has the most number of users with over one billion. It’s not surprising that the app has amassed a huge following given its many features and the fact that it’s provided free of charge. Can you imagine how much data you’d have to use to make a video call or send a PDF file? While you can surely use your mobile to do those things, WhatsApp functions perfectly well with an internet connection.

WhatsApp had its humble beginnings as an iPhone only app. These days, almost all phones running on the top mobile platforms can download and install the messaging app.

Can WhatsApp be installed on the Nokia N8?

The N8 is the first smartphone from Nokia that runs on the Symbian operating system. It was released in 2010 making it a relatively old phone given the amount of new devices released by makers each year. So the question is: can it support WhatsApp?

The best source for answering that question is the official website of WhatsApp. Nokia has a page on the site ( where you can download the latest version of the app as well as check which Nokia devices are supported. Under the Symbian label, Nokia N8 is listed among others.

How to install WhatsApp on Nokia N8?

There are different ways you can download and install WhatsApp for the Nokia N8. The first is by downloading the app through the Store and the other is through the official website.

Installing through Nokia app

  • Open the Store app
  • Type WhatsApp into Search
  • Tap on the WhatsApp icon to install
  • Follow the prompts

Installing through official WhatsApp website

The Nokia N8 has internet connection capabilities. So once you get connected, the download and install can begin.

  • Open up a browser
  • Type the following URL into the address bar:
  • Choose Download Now once the page loads
  • Follow the prompts until download and installation is complete

WhatsApp is without question one of the most useful apps you can have on your phone. But just like any other app, you have to make sure to install the latest version so you have all the improvements and security updates.

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