Samsung Galaxy S8 Comes with Two Not So Great News

There isn’t much left until the official release of the Galaxy S8 and people are generally enthusiastic about it. It seems that it’s going to be very stylish and classy, not to mention the features. However, among the great leaks that surfaced recently, there are some less great news.

One of the first deal breakers is the fact that Samsung plans to cover the top quarter of the phone with their brand. Evan Blass tweeted about this and revealed the info which disappointed some people, since they were expecting to use the extra space in a more useful way. In fact, many fans were delighted to find out that Samsung managed to include a much bigger screen in the chassis of the same size as the one for Galaxy S7. This can be achieved through slim bezels. People are actually inclined to trust Blass, since he is one of the most famous leakers in the world at the moment and most likely, he wouldn’t risk his reputation by posting fake info.

The second deal breaker that leaked recently about the upcoming Galaxy S8 is a strange fingerprint reader. Everybody thinks that Samsung is going to make the move at last and quit their home button for a fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen. And it makes sense, since the slim bezels don’t have enough space for it and the rival LG has been pushing forward the technology since May last year.

However, the company seems to ignore this possibility and to position the fingerprint sensor on the back. According to Blass’ tweets, the producer will not place it where the index finger can easily reach it, but at the top of the phone, next to the back camera. This not only makes it hard to reach, but also you can touch the camera by mistake when using it.

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