Updating Google Chrome for PC, Android and Mac

It is essential to update Google Chrome browser app so that it can minimize if not eliminate security issues on your mobile devices. Moreover, you might find it hard to take advantage of new features and usability improvements if you miss out on the updates. You can just allow it to update itself or update manually by following these short tips.

Updating for Windows

Simple click the menu button located at the upper right hand corner of your browser. You may hover down the Help button and click it to access the dropdown menu. You need to choose the About Google Chrome option and click on it. This will check your current version and prompt you to install the latest updates.

Updating for Mac OS and OS X

You can click on the Chrome button at the top of the menu bar. Simply choose the About Google Chrome option. Just wait, as it will check for updates before installing them. You only have to hit the Relaunch button and restart Chrome with its new version.

Updating Google Chrome on Android and iOS Devices

It should be easy for Android device users to install the updates via the Play Store. This is also true for iOS device users in which they can download and install from the App Store. Simply hover to the updates section or the Updates tab for iOS devices.

For Android devices, just tap the menu button, which resembles 3 short horizontal lines aligned vertically, then choose My Apps & Games. Those apps with available updates will be labeled Update.

Google Chrome should be on the list wherein you are going to tap on the Update button beside the name of the app you are going to update. Simply tap on the Update button if you want to proceed.

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