Adobe Flash Player New Emergency Software Update Download

Adobe seems pretty down in the gutter as it has seen a lot of security issues in the past couple of months, as the trend continues to turn itself into a continuous nightmare. The latest update was released in respect to a critical vulnerability in the Flash plug-in which allowed hackers to gain control over users’ computers. The software patch should be downloaded as soon as possible in order to stay safe from cyber attacks

The Flash plug-in is compatible with a lot of browsing software such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and allows its users to be able to play video content into the respective sites. The process runs in the background without even being noticed by users. Hackers have recently developed techniques to target vulnerabilities, especially the one called CVE-2015-3113, which was discovered by FireEye, a security website. The issue was quickly patched by Adobe.

Erica Eng and Dan Caselden recently wrote on the company’s blog that that a lot of malicious emails were sent to web server which were comprised of a malicious Adobe Flash Player file which exploited the aforementioned CVE-2015-3113. Adobe acknowledged in the update that the fixed addressed this critical vulnerability which could have devastating results as cyber attackers could potentially take control of any system affected by this exploit.

The exploit was to be found in a couple limited attacks which were specifically targeted to those who used Internet Explorer on devices which ran Windows 7 and below as well as Firefox for those who ran it on Windows XP operating devices.

This exploit was regarded as Priority 1 and not only did it affect system which operated on Windows but Mac and Linux as well. It affected Adobe Flash Player on both Windows and Mac, Adobe Flash Player Extended Support Release and earlier versions of the 13.x again on Windows and Mac and finally Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions on Linux. Users are strongly advised to update to as soon as possible in order to stay protected from possible malicious attacks. The software can be downloaded from Adobe’s official website.

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