Google Chrome Best Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Google Chrome has rapidly become the most popular web browsing provider ever since its release and the guys from Google have made it so convenient and customizable that we cannot see the scale tilting the other way around in favor of another browser.

Not only is it the most convenient and simple to use but it also has a lot of interesting features which can be mingled with in order to give users the best possible experience. We’ve come up with a list of features and how to enable them to make sure that everyone enjoys the best experience possible when using Google Chrome.

Incognito Mode

A surprising amount of people don’t know about the incognito mode. This feature makes the browser not track the browsing history as well as blocking any cookies from the respective sites. This feature is extremely good if you share your computer with someone and want a little bit of privacy regarding your browsing.

Use The Omnibox

Users can search through a lot of websites without even going to them only if they are in the list of one’s search engines. One could directly search on Wikipedia for some information regarding water for example; as you only have to start typing “Wikipedia” and the browser will let you know that you’ll have to press Tab in order to search within the site.

Drag Multiple Tabs

For those of who want some extra productivity and convenience, note that you are able to drag and drop Chrome tabs into their own browser windows and mix them according to your needs just by holding down Control and clicking the respective tabs you want to move.

Recover Your Tabs

Everyone has mistakenly closed a tab or multiple ones without having intended to do so. Chrome is probably the most forgiving browser when it comes to such mistakes as it makes it possible to get it all back. The only thing that is to be done is simultaneously holding down Control+Shift+T and Chrome will automatically open all of your closed tabs.

Bookmark a URL

We all have that favorite website of which we want continual and easy access. It can be added to the Bookmarks Bar by highlighting the URL and directly placing it in the Bar. Some edits can be later performed if the name has to be changed.

Browse Smarter

If one wishes to quickly access some other content on another tab, users are able to hold down the Control key and the numbers between 1 and 9. Each number gives instant access to a different tab and they move from left to right in accordance to how many numbers are pressed.

Set Your Starting Pages

For those of you who are web-page addicts, you might end up browsing the same websites on a daily basis. Fortunately enough, Google Chrome lets everyone open the same tabs every time the browser starts up. In order to set that up, one has to go to the settings menu and select the “On Startup” option. Next to the option, a new Set Pages link will be made available which will enable everyone choose their respective sites which will automatically load up every time the browser is opened.

Searching Something In a New Tab

Searching the Omnibox for a single item and hitting return will end up opening the search for everything there is available for the certain searched object. There are some times however where one has to look up information and not lose their currently browsed website. There is a key command which will work around this factor as one has to hold down the Alt button and hit return on the browser and this will automatically open up a new tab.

Setting Up Parental Control

If one happens to have children, make sure that the content they are browsing is safe. Chrome allows its users to create separate profiles specifically for these situations and you will have total control over them. In order to start creating a new profile, go to the Settings menu, click People and select the Add Person option. You will then have to do some settings in order to customize and select the allowed content as well as select the websites which should not be browsed.

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