Mass Effect Andromeda Character Details Revealed

Two new trailers for the much awaited Mass Effect: Andromeda have seen their release a few days ago, which gave a few hints for fans in which some new details about the story were revealed, including a new bad guy. The trailers mainly focused on a few sneak-peaks of the future characters and not only did the fans enjoy having seen the wide array of characters with which one will venture into the unknown but also got a short preview of what the story will be centered on.

Alec Ryder

Ryder is probably the brain of the operation judging by the fact that he is pretty high when it comes to rank as well as that shiny N7 logo on his chest. Not only is he a seasoned soldier but he is also one of the top scientists in the game. One detail in particular which will prove to impact the story a lot is that he is the father of Scott and Sarah Ryder, two of the playable characters in the game.

Liam Costa

If Ryder is the tactical strategist behind the operation, Liam is the one who gets it done. Being the Crisis Response Specialist aboard the ship, he is portrayed as not being the type who first talks then shoots. He’s more of an idealist than raw muscle and judging by the fact that he looks pretty menacing due to his open fire policy, he’ll prove to be one of the characters who will impact the story the most.

Scott & Sarah Ryder

Scott and Sarah are the children of Alec Ryder and due to contrary belief; they are not totally beginners when it comes to interplanetary exploration as they’ve already finished a few tours around the galaxy. Fans are not sure to what extent they can be customized but they are sure to have the greatest impact within the game as they are to be the main characters on which the story focuses on.

Cora Harper

Not only is Cora the Operations Specialist of the mission but she also is the voice behind the respective trailers. She is displayed as being pretty level-headed thus believed to be the character who keeps them all together and we believe that she will have a pretty high impact regarding the game’s progression.


S.A.M cannot be regarded as a normal crewmember as she or he is the Artificial Intelligence unit which is closely connected to all the members of the squad. She is believed to offer everyone a great strategic advantage including the likes of enhanced situation awareness, problem solving and even some technical enhancements.

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