Gmail Security Improvements with New Java Update

Google’s email service is looking to make everything even more secure than it already is by adding another security update which looks to make sure that people who use this popular service will not be harmed from potential dangerous attachments. Gmail will permanently block .js JavaScript attachments as of February the 13th as stated by a post on Google’s G Suite blog.

JavaScript hops on the banned train among other attachment types banned by Google such as .exe and .vb files. Not only is Google improving their way in dealing with potential threats but they are even scanning archived files for malicious software.

If anyone receives such files, Gmail will immediately notify them with a message stating that the message was blocked because its content presents a potential security issue. If one still wishes to send such files irrespective of their contents, they can still be shared through Google Drive as well as other storage options.

JavaScript should not be automatically considered as a file with malicious contents but it is an easy tool for cyber attackers to use for hacking applications. Not only can they be used as an easy way to download malware and ransomware into a specific device but they can also lead to potential harmful consequences such as compromising security as well as losing private information.

Google is trying to keep up with potential security threats for a wide array of their services and through this they urge other online service providers to step up their game in order to stay competitive, thus improving the way in which we are browsing the internet without being threatened by potential security issues which might harm us.

These issues should be taken into consideration when casually surfing the net and before opening an email which seems suspicious, double or even triple check its contents before even thinking of downloading them in the respective devices. Not only will this make sure that a user is out of any harm’s way but it will also improve the browsing experience of anyone.

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