WhatsApp Update Allows you to Track Your Friends’ Location

A new feature has been added on the latest WhatsApp version, which is allowing you to track in real-time the location of the members that are inside a group. In concordance with WABetaInfo, the new feature is working only in WhatsApp BETA for iOS and WhatsApp 2.17.32 on Android OS and it is disabled by default.

According to reports, the tracking feature can be enabled in a group for 1 minutes, 2 minutes or minutes, but you can also keep it permanently, if you want all members inside a group to know where your location is 24/7 (as long as you are connected to the internet).

We think that this feature is great, especially when you are in a small group where you have only your closest friends added. This way, if you need to meet them at a place where you have never been before, you can just check their current location and easily get there. Keep in mind that you can always disable the “Live Tracking” feature in a group, so that the users inside it will not know where you are all the time.

In December 2016, WhatsApp has also added a new feature that allowed users to revoke and edit sent messages. This feature was available firstly in a BETA version of the application, but soon enough it was also added to public. We think that this new addition is great for people who tend to say bad words when they are angry, meaning that they can edit or even delete those messages once they are cooled down.

Unfortunately, the developers have not confirmed yet the “Video Conference” feature that we’ve told you about in some previous article. However, if this will become reality, you will be able to Video Call two or more users at the same time on WhatsApp app.

Do you think that the “Video Conference” feature will be added to WhatsApp before the first half of 2017 ends?

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