Chrome vs. Safari – Which Is The Best Suited Browser for iOS Devices?

Smartphones nowadays can successfully fulfill every role that a desktop computer does and one of the most important abilities is browsing the internet. If you happen to own an iOS operating device, Apple’s Safari browser is extremely convenient and easy to use. Considering the fact that it’s almost 10 years old, it has surpassed the test of time with flying colors.

Despite the fact that Safari is an amazing browser, new competitors are hitting the market, such as Google Chrome being available for download on the App Store. With these two options in mind, we are wondering which browser is the best to have.


Over the last couple of years, speed was the main factor when it came to which browser enjoyed the greatest popularity but that is not the case today as most browsers are greatly optimized and all devices come with good specifications in order to run them.

Apple has not allowed any third-party browser developers to use WebKit, the engine around which Safari is used and the difference between Safari and Chrome is too little to be noticed. Google Chrome is just as fast as Safari and we cannot see any notable traits in terms of speed that would put one above the other.


When it comes to browser features, both of them are tied. They are excellent in terms of options such as auto-fill and private browsing modes but when it comes to tablet browsing; Safari takes the bigger piece of the cake. Chrome on the other hand seems to have a more flowing browsing experience and scrolling capacity.

When it comes to specific features, Safari comes with Reading List which saves articles in its database which can be further accessed from all iOS operating devices. This feature also comes with a Social option which lets everyone browse what you have shared.

Google Chrome comes with an unbeatable voice command feature despite the fact that Safari has Siri integrated. Google’s Now assistant is easier to use and its accuracy is unmatched by any other assistants on the market.

Ease of Use

Both browsers are extremely convenient and easy to use and notwithstanding the fact that Safari is specifically optimized for iOS, they are both convenient and will offer anyone a great browsing experience and a fluid scrolling through text  irrespective of which browser is being used.

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