Google’s Birthday! When Is It, Really?

It may have been unclear for a long time, but Google’s birthday has traditionally been celebrated on September 27. For years, however, the date changed several times although it never strayed within the month of September. This led to some serious search engine confusion.

What caused all the fuss?

Blame it on Google and Doodle. Or was it Doodle and Google?

Since its 4th birthday in 2002, Google has been celebrating its birthday with Doodle. The first Doodle, however, came out before Google was technically founded, which was in 1998.

Which leaves you wondering if Google was just celebrating along. It is understandable though why this is the case.

  • 1995 – Google founders’ Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford for the first time.
  • 1996 – This is when Google founders started working on a new search engine project.
  • 1997 – The year the web domain was registered.
  • 1998 – On September 7th of this year, Google officially opened for business.

It’s clear that September 7 should have been Google’s birthday, what with it being the official launch date. But the tech giant itself has been shifting the date around. Google also listed its incorporation date as September 4, 1998.

So, yes, nothing’s clear really. Over the years, the company has celebrated its birthday on 4 different dates.

  • 2002 – Google’s first birthday Doodle was used on September 7th.
  • 2003 – Google’s birthday Doodle went online on September 8th.
  • 2004 – Google’s birthday Doodle went online on September 7th.
  • 2005 – Google celebrated its birthday on September 26th.
  • 2006 – Google celebrated its birthday on September 27th.

The good news is September 27 seem to have stuck, probably in honor of the first birthday Doodle the company released.

With that settled, time to determine how Google’s very own Google Chrome compare with Microsoft Edge. This could be just another to celebrate the tech giant’s achievements.

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