Is WhatsApp Available for Nokia 1100, 3210 and 3310?

WhatsApp has achieved a lot of success since it first began in 2009. The app was only offered for iPhones back in the day but almost all major mobile platforms can run WhatsApp today. The app has also amassed over one billion users making it one of the most used messaging applications in the entire world. Although popular phone makers, including Nokia, support WhatsApp, not all devices can download and install the app. Does that include the Nokia 1100, Nokia 3210 and Nokia 3310?

Can WhatsApp be installed in older Nokia devices?

There was a time when Nokia was the trusted name when it came to cellphones. However, the arrival of phones from Apple and Samsung changed the game. Nokia did try their best to make phones that made sense in the modern world, they kept being overshadowed by their competitors. Microsoft purchased the mobile business division of Nokia and released several smartphone models under the Nokia brand running on Windows. Those devices, especially if they run Windows 8 or higher, can download and install WhatsApp. But what about the models listed in the title?

The Nokia 1100, 3210 and 3310 are definitely old devices. Apps can’t be installed on these devices. Although some of them featured games, they were mostly used for basic communication: text messaging and voice calls. All that said, those models have been discontinued for a number of years now.

Basically, that answers the questions asked in the title of this article. Although those models are no longer produced, what about the phones that are still being used today? Can they receive WhatsApp support? The best source for an answer is the Nokia page on the official WhatsApp site.

The minimum requirements for installing WhatsApp on a Nokia device are the following:

  • An unlimited internet data plan
  • A Nokia device running any one of the following platforms: Nokia S60 3rd edition, Symbian^, Symbian Anna or Symbian Belle

The minimum requirements pretty much say it all: older Nokia devices like the ones listed in the title of this post can’t support WhatsApp. But somewhat older devices like those in the Asha line are supported.

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