The Chromecast Ultra and Roku Ultra Face Off

Are you in the market for a TV streaming device? If you are, you’re probably looking at the Roku Ultra and the Chromecast Ultra as two of your choices. The good news is that you’re definitely on the right track since these two devices have a lot to offer and can give you great value for money. But the question here is this: which one is the best option for you?

We can’t tell you the right answer since only you know your specific needs and budget. But we can help you make the right decision through this guide.


Let’s start with the size of these two streaming devices. If portability is an important factor for you, you’ll want to opt for the Chromecast Ultra. It measures 2.29 x 2.29 x 0.53 inches (excluding the cable and other accessories) and weighs 1.6 oz or 47 grams. This means that you can easily stick the Chromecast Ultra in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. The Roku Ultra isn’t exactly a bumbling giant, but it’s significantly larger and heavier at 4.9 x 4.9 x 0.85 inches and 8.0 oz or 226 grams.

Features and functions

Both the Roku Ultra and the Chromecast Ultra support 4K UHD and HDR TVs. They give you access to a wide of streaming content and can work with both iOS and Android devices. However, this is where their similarities end since they’re mostly difference in how they function. The Chromecast Ultra essentially works to wirelessly connect your smart TV with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. It might seem weird at first glance especially if you’re expecting intricate technology, but you’ll appreciate it when you witness the simplicity it offers. Just plug the Chromecast Ultra into your TV, choose what you want to watch through your computer or mobile device, and proceed to watch it on your TV’s large Full HD or 4K screen.

The Roku Ultra works in a different way. It doesn’t require you to use your smartphone, tablet, or any other device since it functions perfectly on its own. Simply plug it into a wall outlet, link it to your TV using the HDMI cable, connect it to the internet through WiFi or the ethernet, and start browsing for the content you can watch. It comes with a dedicated remote, which supports voice search, has a headphone jack (for when you want to view content privately), and can be easily located when you misplace it.


Both the Roku Ultra and the Chromecast Ultra give you access to some of the most popular streaming applications, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Sling, HBO, Showtime, and Google Play TV and Movies. However, there’s one big difference: you can’t access Amazon Video through the Chromecast Ultra. This isn’t really a big problem if you don’t use this app often, but it can be a deal breaker if you’re a big fan of Amazon’s original shows.


When it comes to price, there’s a sizable difference between the two models. The Chromecast Ultra, which is currently the most expensive among all Chromecast products, is offered at $69. The Roku Ultra, on the other hand, is almost twice as expensive at $130.

Which model should you buy?

As mentioned above, choosing the right model depends on your needs. If you want to stream content without spending a lot, the Chromecast Ultra is your best choice. If you’re an Amazon Video fan and/or want to have a dedicated remote for your streaming device, the Roku Ultra is your best bet.

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