What the New Google Maps Update Bring in Real Time

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What’s the latest update on Google Maps? Real-time mobile updates that tell you if a particular place is occupied every square inch. So if you want to wing it, rather than make a reservation at a restaurant or a bar, you’ll know beforehand if it’s worth the trip.

The new feature gives you a full report about a particular establishment, including which times a bar or restaurant is busy or not, and whether now is the best time to hit the road and dine there.

Apart from the notifications “Not too busy”, “As busy as it gets”, “Busier than usual” and the like, you also get other important information.

Look for a bar graph that charts the different times of day against blue and pink bars. Pink will indicate how crowded or not a particular establishment is. Below the graph is the amount of waiting time you can expect to spend should you choose to wait.

Would you still drive out knowing people typically spends 20-45 minutes there?

To people who rarely plans when and where they want to dine, this new feature would be most helpful. With Google Maps constantly updated, it’s easy to miss features that came with previous updates. Did you know that version 9.44 shows where a parking spot is available at a specific location?

Some Google Map features you might have missed

Google Maps 9.37

This update expands voice command options to make hands-free navigation a breeze. These include ‘Show/Hide traffic’, ‘What’s my next turn?’, ‘How’s the traffic ahead?’, and ‘Show alternate routes’.

Google Maps 9.22

Want to personalize the list of your favorite places? This update lets you rename them and even add stickers to the map.

Google Maps 9.20

This particular version brings plenty to the table – additions to the Timeline, more audio navigation options and an option to add photos to reviews.

Google Maps 9.44.3, however, doesn’t come with new features, only bug fixes. Even better.

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