Chrome Beta 57 Update Download Available with Important Features

A couple of days ago we got the chance to see the release of Chrome 56 for Android, version that brought lots of major changes to the app and to the web features it offers as well. As it is typical for the company, the recent stable release means that they are already working at the beta for the next version, namely Chrome 57. So let’s see what Chrome 57 will bring!


Definitely this is one of the most important features found on the new version. It offers more control to the web apps over the low-level operations than the level allowed by JavaScript (or other languages). It is meant to be a compile target for the C/C++ code, and in the future will support more languages. We might even see web apps made with WebAssembly that couldn’t exist in JavaScript.

Better media notifications

The notifications shown by Chrome while you were playing audio or video files were quite basic. At most they would contain a play or pause button and an icon, but that’s it. However, Chrome Beta 57 will bring support for Media Session API, which lets developers bring more controls on the media notifications.

Fullscreen Media Orientation

This means that the screen orientation will automatically change, if necessary, when pressing the fullscreen button on a video.

PWA Improvements

In the next Chrome version, it seems that we will get to see a deeper integration of Progressive Web Apps. Maybe not right from the start, but somewhere in the following weeks, according to Google.

CSS Grid

This lets websites create designs in an easier manner, especially those based on a grid layout.

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