Adobe Flash Player Update Download Available with Security Fixes

Adobe has released a new update for its Flash Player that fixes some issues that expose the computer systems of users to security risks. We have to mention that this new update has been released exactly when Microsoft has released its first Patch Tuesday for this year.

The new Adobe Flash Player update has fixed 13 vulnerabilities, while the one for Adobe Reader and Acrobat has fixed 29 vulnerabilities. We have to mention that Google and Microsoft have announced that they will stop supporting Flash Player soon and it seems that Adobe is now trying to fix as many issues as possible in order to change the minds of the mentioned popular companies.

Adobe Flash Player

The latest Adobe Flash Player version is and it comes in a separate package. As we’ve mentioned above, it fixes about 13 vulnerabilities, but we have to mention that only one of them could allow hackers to acquire important data about users and allow them to bypass the security. Adobe has claimed that the mentioned vulnerabilities have not been exploited by hackers, which means that they have fixed the issues before anyone could take advantage of them.

The new update has been released for four platforms: Windows, ChromeOS, Mac OS X and Linux. If you are using Internet Explorer 11, Chrome or Edge browser on Windows 8.1 and 10, the update is automatic. We have to remind you that Chrome 55 will switch to HTML5, while Microsoft’s Edge will start blocking Flash Player by default on HTML5 websites.

We’ve told you before that Adobe Flash Player will soon die and it seems that this is about to happen sometime in the next months. HTML5 is already being used by big companies and it is just a matter of time until more and more will ditch the Flash Player for HTML5.

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