Clash Royale Best Strategies to Complete the New Rare Challenge

Last week, Supercell has released a new challenge event called “The Battle Ram Challenge”. During this event, players will be able to win the upcoming rare Battle Ram Card before they will be officially released on February 10, 2017.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, as today we will give you some hints on how you can do that with ease.

Below we will give you several decks, which have proven that are very successful on completing this challenge. All these decks have been posted in Reddit website and have made a 12-0 win rate.

Battle Ram Challenge Winning Decks 

  1. Giant, Executioner, Lightning, Battle Ram, Log, Minions, Cannon, Princess;
  2. Battle Ram, Guards, Log, Cannon, Tornado, Executioner, Musketeer, Electro-Wizard;
  3. Battle Ram, Zap, Log, Furnance, Giant, Elixir Pump, Executioner, Electro-Wizard;
  4. Battle Ram, Executioner, Electro-Wizard, Cannon, Tombstone, Goblin Barrel, The Log, Lumberjack;
  5. Mini Pekka, Tornado, Miner, Battle Ram, The Log, Lightning, Electro-Wizard, Executioner.

More Battle Ram Challenge Deck Building Tips

First of all, you should know that everyone in the Challenge will have to use Battle Ram card, which means that you will need to have good cards in your deck in order to combat it. We suggest you to have cards that give you a positive elixir trade. Some cards that could stop Battle Ram’s charge are Freeze, Ice Sprite, Lightning, Electro-Wizard, Log and Zap.

In order to shutdown Battle Ram using positive elixir with advantage can be done with Tombstone (if you want to try out the Grand Challenge). With the help of your Arena Towers and with the two spawned skeletons you will bring down the 2 Barbarians.

You can also use Ice Sprite + Fire combo (Ice Sprite on Battle Ram and Fire on the remaining Barbarians) or Ice Sprite and Goblin combo (Ice Sprite on Battle Ram and Goblin on the remaining Barbarians) to shutdown Battle Ram.

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