Google Maps Spares You from a Crowded Restaurant and Busy Parking Areas

Imagine what life would be like without Google Maps. Sure, people survived with nothing more than the traditional map and compass in the past, but tracking and navigating to places you’ve never been before would not be as convenient as it is now. No need to ask for directions from someone who probably doesn’t know better. Because, as you well know, Google knows everything.

Few errors aside, including one where Bangkok turned into a gigantic Park, Google Maps has proven helpful to a lot of people, especially those who rely on almost accurate directions to do their job. And with each new feature added, it will soon become indispensable. If it isn’t already.

Real-time mobile updates on restaurant crowd

Real-time updates have been available on desktop since November of last year, but it was only recently rolled out on mobile devices. To the last-minute planners, this is manna from heaven, as it spares them from being stuck in an already busy and crowded place.

The latest update lets you know if a restaurant you want to visit is crowded or not as much. Simply run a search, and you will be notified if it is busy or not too busy. You can then choose another restaurant or endure the long queue of waiting diners, if you don’t want to go anywhere else.

With this added feature, you don’t need to make a reservation during a restaurant’s less popular time. Unless of course, when reservations are mandatory. It also tells you the average waiting time at a particular establishment, so you will know whether or not it is worth the drive.

This will prove quite helpful if you decide to go on a spontaneous after-hours dinner, and you don’t want to be eating while standing up or with your meals squished next to other diners. It’s the answer to last-minute dinner plans. So if you can’t plan better, use Google Maps to get real-time updates.

New parking feature

Unveiled early this month, Google Map’s new feature helps motorist find parking, or help determine if and when parking space is available. In a bid to help drivers get to their destination faster, the new feature estimates how difficult it is to find a parking spot based on past data.

You’ll find a parking difficulty icon that will be displayed within Google Maps, covering 25 metro areas across the United States.

Difficulty is based on a grading system of Easy, Medium and Limited, which will be displayed next to the estimated arrival time on Google Maps. Expand the description and you will find other useful information, including the best route.

With this information at your fingertips, you can easily find parking alternatives. Knowing how busy and hard parking will be in a particular area, you can also head out early so you can get a spot before everyone else does.  Better yet, take public transportation if you know parking will be crazy.

The feature is already available in Houston and Dallas.

How about getting a ride with Uber? Google Maps can help with that too.

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