Google Play Store Update Comes with a Sorting Option in My Apps Section

Google is reportedly making changes in the My Apps section of the Google Play, testing out new options, while removing others. Android Police has reported that version 7.4 will come with three new options that will replace the old ones.

It seems that the visual changes that will be made to the Google Play have to do with the My Apps section, which will have three new additions: Updates, Installed, and Library, which will replace Installed, All, and Beta tabs. Updates tab will show all apps and the latest update they’ve received, when this update was uploaded to Google Play, as well as details such as size and timeline.

The second section, Installed, will list the apps that are installed on the Android device, while the Library tab will show the apps that have been downloaded by the user. Android Police has specified that users will still be able to install updated for applications separately or for all, at once.

Sorting is a new useful addition to the My Apps section and its role is to let users choose how apps will appear in the Installed tab – in alphabetical order, or by size, last update time or last used. Every listed app will appear with Open icons and users will no longer need to open apps from home screen, as they will do it directly from the Google Play app.

Users who have the current version of Google Play are directed to the app listing in the store, then they have the option to launch the application. Thanks to the upcoming update, users will also check the size of an app in Installed tab and the size of the update in Updates tab, but we’ll see if anything else will be added soon, in addition to the revamped user interface. Google hasn’t confirmed these changes yet, so the information must have been leaked by users who have been chosen to test these new features out.

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