Google Play Store vs. Apple App Store – App Quality Comparison

There are a lot of rivalries that persist through time and generations, and are the subject of many debates, with people defending each side vehemently with more or less reasonable arguments. However, in this article we shall be looking at one of the rivalries that mark the current generation.

We are talking about the mobile device operating system battle between Apple and Google. While the former brings its iOS platform to the table, Google counterattacks with Android. But which is better? And why? These are questions that will remain unanswered in a general manner. However, we can give you some information on how both approach the same values so that you may formulate an opinion of your own.

App quality

There is a big difference between how the two platforms manage the apps that they house. It is widely known that Apple is a lot stricter when it comes to allowing apps onto its marketplace. Google has a more laid-back type of approach, and this shows. To get on Apple’s platform you need to file a formal submission entry which will be reviewed by an Apple representative. Google on the other hand will make your app available on its store shortly after you submit it.

This leads to a lot of poor quality apps being mixed in with the good ones on the Play Store, diluting the overall quality of the marketplace.  As a direct result of this is also the fact that there are for more apps on Google’s store. Apple offers a smaller collection in comparison, but still very large in general.

Instant apps

Instant apps is a concept that is currently being developed by Google. Basically, it would allow people to just use apps online and not have to download them into their devices. This is great for when you only need to use an app once and don’t want to clog your phone’s memory. It is still under development,  but it doesn’t seem to have a rival on Apple’s side. If Apple doesn’t respond to Google’s instant apps, we might see a dramatic shift in power and a complete overthrow of the current balance between the two marketplaces.

Monetary opportunity

From a developer’s standpoint, it is much more profitable to create an app for iOS than it is to do it for Android. The reason for this is that the App Store has a lot less apps than the Play Store, as we previously mentioned. This means that a lot more people will buy your app since your app won’t be surrounded by some many other apps. Both platforms offer a 70% cut from all app sales to developers, but because Apple’s library is more select, developers end up earning way more here.

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