GTA 5 Online New Update to be Released This Month

GTA 5 is one of the most popular video games out there, with millions of copies sold all over the world. Today we will talk about a new update that is expected to be released for the mentioned game.

First of all, it’s almost sure that the GTA 5 Online will receive a new update that’s related to the Valentine’s Day. It’s not yet sure if the Valentine’s Day event will come along with another downloadable content (DLC). However, according to, the GTA community should expect a new huge update for the GTA 5 Online before this month ends.

We should mention that there are other reports which are suggesting that the big update should be released for GTA 5 Online sometime in March 2017. However, let’s not forget that the Valentine’s Day is a big event, and Rockstar will surely make many gamers happy with new clothing and other special events.

When it comes to the other big update, rumors say that it will include a new map expansion. If this proves to be right, it will surely lure many new players back into the game. Reports say that Rockstar has divided his developing teams, creating a number of teams that work on other projects at the same time. It seems that a team is currently working on the GTA 6, while others are helping Rockstar San Diego with the upcoming “Red Dead Redemption 2”.

However, a team is still working on GTA 5 Online, but we’re not sure if a small team is able to bring a totally new map to the game. Even if there are very low chances for us to see a new map being released for GTA 5 Online, let’s not lose our hope and just wait to see what happens.

Do you think that the GTA 5 Online will receive a new map?

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