The Elder Scroll 6 Latest Updates Hit The Internet

The gaming giant Bethesda is yet to release some information regarding The Elder Scrolls 6 but the fact that they are treating fans with silence has not stopped them that the already hyped up title will have some amazing new features in which gamers who are fans of the popular series will rejoice in.

Rumor has it that the new Elder Scrolls game will be set in either Argonia or Valenwood but some people take it a step further and anticipate a sequel to Skyrim to be set in a new Era. Many gamers have tried to speculate the setting of the new Elder Scrolls game over the last couple of weeks and the general belief is that it will be somewhere in Morrowind where places are yet to be explored.

Those who are fans of Bethesda are looking forward to the new game being set in either Valenwood or Argonia or even take into account that this sequel might possibly be set somewhere in the past thus denoting the fact that the action will take place in Aldmeris in order to give players some insight regarding what happened there.

These rumors might actually come out to be true judging by the fact that the whole narrative starting with the setting of Skyrim in the Fourth Era will link perfectly to a past setting of the Elder Scrolls 6 somewhere in the First Era to give the plot more details regarding how the stories will perfectly blend together.

Some even speculate that the new anticipated title from Bethesda will reveal details about previous events which have happened in Aldmeris before it has vanished and players will have the opportunity to discover more about Morrowind’s lore as well as history.

Bethesda has been highly secretive regarding the release of a new Elder Scrolls game but enthusiasts believe that the game is in its development stages. Notwithstanding Bethesda’s denial of the game being even a plan, fans are still holding on to the hope that we will get to see a new Elder Scrolls game soon enough.

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