Viber International Calls Feature and Rates

Viber is a VoIP and instant messaging app that boasts of different features which include sending videos and images, making voice and video calls as well as sending stickers to other Viber users. On top of these, calling landlines and mobile number without Viber accounts is also allowed via the Viber Out feature.

International calls are available at very low rates via Viber Out credits and doing so is easy. For calling friends and family who have installed Viber on their phones, it is as simple as pressing the call button once you have selected the party you want to call. This is also possible if the person you wish to call is in another country, so long as both of you have internet connectivity, regardless if both of you are using different networks.

International Calls via Viber Out

To call other countries using this feature, simply launch your Viber app. Before you can call a landline or a mobile phone without Viber, you need to have Viber Out credits. To make a call using this feature, you need to have prepaid credits that you can get using in-app purchases. It is also possible to get credits using PayPal on your Viber desktop or make the payment using your credit card. The amounts can be $24.99, $9.99 and $4.99. Also, rates for international calls depend on which location you are calling.

Checking the Rates

To know the current rates for making international calls, you need to open your Viber account. Once you have launched your Viber, go to the options menu and select “Viber Out”. Choose “Learn more” located at the bottom of the screen. Next, from the dropdown menu at the right side of the screen, choose “Viber Out”. You can now proceed and type the name of the country you want to call on the search field. You can also find the rates by visiting this link:

Viber Out Rates for Calling Landlines and Mobile Phones Per Minute

Country                          Landline                  Mobile

Australia                         2.1 cents                1.9 cents

Austria                           16.5 cents               12.0 cents

Brasil                             2.1 cents                 14.0 cents

Canada                          1.9 cents                 1.9 cents

Czech Republic               3.0 cents                 10.0 cents

Denmark                       1.9 cents                  7.9 cents

France                          1.9 cents                  7.0 cents

Germany                       1.9 cents                  8.0 cents

Hong Kong                    3.2 cents                  3.2 cents

Hungary                        1.9 cents                  14.0 cents

India                            2.3 cents                   2.3 cents

Jamaica                        22.0 cents                 29.0 cents

Indonesia                     6.0 cents                   9.0 cents

Iran                             15.0 cents                 18.5 cents

Ireland                         1.9 cents                   9.0 cents

Italy                             1.9 cents                  13.0 cents

Japan                           3.0 cents                  9.8 cents

Malaysia                       2.1 cents                  3.9 cents

Mexico                         1.5 cents                   5.5 cents

New Zealand                 1.9 cents                  8.9 cents

Pakistan                        2.8 cents                  2.8 cents

Philippines                    16.0 cents                 21.0 cents

Poland                          2.9 cents                  4.9 cents

Portugal                        1.9 cents                  13.5 cents

Puerto Rico                    2.1 cents                  2.1 cents

Russia                           2.3 cents                  9.5 cents

Singapore                      1.9 cents                  1.9 cents

South Africa                  3.9 cents                   7.5 cents

Spain                            1.9 cents                   7.9 cents

Somalia                         70.0 cents                 70.0 cents

Ukraine                         9.4 cents                   23.0 cents

United Arab Emirates      23.0 cents                 23.0 cents

United Kingdom             1.9 cents                   5.9 cents

Viber lets you stay in contact with anyone around the world and with its low rates, you never have to miss your friends and family again.

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