WhatsApp Update Download Available with Status Alerts, Messages and Mute Options

It seems that WhatsApp’s status message feature will receive a major overhaul sometime in the near future. There are many rumors suggesting that a new WhatsApp BETA version will bring new functionalities such as status message replies and the ability to mute statuses, along with an improved Status section.

If rumors will prove to be right, the new WhatsApp BETA version will allow you to mute or unmute notifications for specific users and even allow you to view the mute list. At the same time, the new WhatsApp Status Message feature will allow you to reply to your friends’ status messages, a feature that has been borrowed from Snapchat Stories.

WhatsApp Status Alerts and Mute Option

WABetaInfo website has shared some screenshots of the latest WhatsApp BETA version that has been released for Windows Phone, where it showcases the button to mute/unmute status alerts. It seems that once muted, the statuses of the selected contacts will no longer show up in your Status section (a new feature that will probably be added soon).

At the same time, you will not get push notifications for the users whenever they will change the Status on WhatsApp. You will be able to unmute them whenever you want, but you can also have a dedicated mute list in order to see the members that you’ve muted.

WhatsApp Status Message Replies

The same websites claims that you will also be able to reply to WhatsApp Statuses and even have a conversation, likewise on Snapchat Stories. This feature has been noticed in WhatsApp BETA for Windows Phone (2.17.44+). At the same time, the mute ability was seen on the WhatsApp BETA for Android OS (2.17.46).

Without any doubts, there are many improvements that will make their way to the WhatsApp Status Feature. We don’t know how many people will start using them, but we are pretty sure that the users of the Snapchat application will enjoy them.

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