WhatsApp’s Full Potential Achieved With These Tips And Tricks

We think it’s safe to say that everyone knows about WhatsApp. This is the most popular text messaging platform right now. It boasts with an active user base of over one billion.This app became so popular that it was even considered as Facebook’s biggest threat. This is the reason why Facebook was forced to acquire WhatsApp.

What makes this text messaging platform so popular is the fact that it’s filled with a large amount of features. In fact, there are so many of them that the casual user might not even know about. Today we’re going to present a couple of tricks and tips that will help users reach WhatsApp’s full potential.

Cancel Voice Messages

The way WhatsApp’s voice message features works is that when the user stops pressing the “record” button, the message will be instantly sent. While this process might be quick, it’s rather inconvenient. To be able to delete already sent voice messages, users will need to slide their finger to the left and a small trash can will pop-up. This will confirm that the voice message has been deleted.

Finding Contacts

WhatsApp has a special tool that helps users search for individual contacts at ease. This can be done by tapping on the “magnifying tool” icon and then writing the contact’s name. Additionally, the searching tool can be used for more than searching contacts. Users can actually search for specific messages.

Sending Files

Being able to send files just like in an email is one of the features that make WhatsApp so popular. The app’s user interface is equipped with a “paperclip” icon. Taping on icon will give users the ability to attach designated files. All that’s left now is to choose a specific contact and confirm the process.

Keeping WhatsApp Up To Date

As previously mentioned, the biggest reason why WhatsApp is so popular is because it is filled with innovative features. The developers behind the app always make sure to add even more innovative features. This is why keeping WhatsApp updated is quite important. Users should be happy to know that the Play Store will notify them whenever a new update becomes available. Additionally, this information can also be checked by accessing the “my apps” section in the Play Store and just downloading it from there.

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