Windows 10 Upgrade: Is Your PC Still Up for It?

Windows 10 users are given the opportunity to take advantage of free upgrade, but only those who use assistive technologies. If you are using this, then you are going to get the free upgrade to Windows 10. This is intended by Microsoft in its effort to improve the experience of users with Windows 10.

Upon the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there are several ways that you can follow in order to improve the accessibility of Windows 10. However, before you are going to upgrade, it is important that you check with your assistive technology providers regarding this option. You might as well learn more about software compatibility issues with Windows 10.

If you are going to upgrade, make sure that you comply with the said requirement to ensure smooth installation of the said upgrade. Here are things that you might find useful in the course of this free upgrade procedure.

  • The free upgrade does not have any expiry as of the moment for users of assistive technology. Before the offer would end, an announcement would be made for everyone to know.
  • Those who are qualified for the upgrade would be given safer, familiar, and more secure features, as well as personal and productive ones.
  • The assistive technologies that should be valid for the extension are not limited to a particular technology. As long as you use assistive technology, then you would be eligible for this free Windows 10 upgrade.

If you are going to take the Windows 10 upgrade, make sure that you check the box that indicates you are using assistive technology on your computer. Those who have missed the deadline for the said upgrade can still take advantage of this free upgrade. This might be good news for older devices because it is not clear if Microsoft can determine how an older PC use assistive technology or not.

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