Windroy vs BlueStacks vs YouWave: Which One Stands Out from the Crowd?

The popularity of Android OS as a system designed for games and multimedia applications for mobile devices has arguably surpassed many other operating systems. You can observe this trend with the growth of users all over the world due to the proliferation of Android apps shared for free. Even the paid versions of these apps are much cheaper in comparison to common games for Windows.

The problem with Android apps is that they are not supported for Windows-based devices. However, there is an update regarding this dilemma, which should allow players of Android games and applications on the PC. Here are a few of the virtual machines and Android emulators that should support Android apps for touch-based and non-touch screen displays.

YouWave App, from YouWave Inc

YouWave app can work well on your tablet or PC running Windows OS. Once you install this app, you will be able to get full functionality as you would on your Android OS. It will even provide similar user interface. This is same as other smartphone and tablet running on Android OS. Moreover, this would become compatible with a wide range of applications and games from the Google Play Store.

There is also no need to worry if you are running either 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, which include XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. However, you should only download apps that should be compatible with the Android version that your mobile device is running with. The only problem is that you are only able to install and use this app for a trial period of 10 days. After that, you would be required to buy the full version at a particular price.

Windroy Apps, from SocketQ

The Windroy is also another popular Android emulator from SocketQ. Unlike other common emulators, the app will work as the kernel for Windows. In other words, it would have full control of the Android games and apps. Such would include Virtual Keyboard, which would work with Touchpad and hardware acceleration in order to increase the graphics performance the moment that you play modern games. At the same time, this would support web browsers, eBook readers, media players, and other popular games.

BlueStacks App Player

This app player is likewise one of the most popular Android emulator. This would work well with the latest Windows-based machines and Apple devices. Additionally, this app would also work on PC and other Android machines via synchronization. This would transfer applications and files through a mobile app. Such would be able to support a range of modern Android apps and games, including multi-languages like English, Finnish, Dutch, and Norwegian, among others.

You might want to install the Android emulators to meet your needs. Thus, you would be able to use the PC monitor a lot more efficiently in comparison to the one used on your smartphone or tablet. Using Android emulators should give you access to many different Android apps and games on your PC without buying another piece of computer hardware.

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