3 Roku Tips and Tricks for a Highly Enjoyable Streaming Experience

They say the future of TV is streaming. We see that now with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon coming up with original productions. But what if you want to combine the services of all three and more into one product? That solution is Roku. It doesn’t matter if you get the stick or the box, both will give you access to thousands upon thousands of movies and TV shows from almost any category imaginable. Sounds too tempting, right?

While the sound of access to a smorgasbord of content for one’s viewing sounds pleasurable enough, you can make the streaming experience even better with these Roku tips and tricks.

Turn your phone into a Roku keyboard

How agonizing would it be to use the remote to search for something to watch? Luckily, there’s a solution for that: your precious mobile device. You probably know by now that your smartphone can actually be turned into a remote. Well, that’s kind of the same point here but the big thing about it is that an organized row of letters and numbers make it faster and easier to search for content.

Organize to save time

Unlike the cable bundle you subscribed to, you can choose which channels to add to your Roku device. That’s the beauty of choice but that can soon turn ugly when you have to scroll to infinity just to find that one channel you want to watch. You see, adding without organizing creates mess which will ultimately frustrate you, unless you’re the kind who loves organized chaos.

Let’s say you want to move Netflix. All you have to do is use the remote to highlight the channel, press the Option button on the remote then pick Move Channel. With the aid of the direction pad, move the channel to where you want it to be.

Add private channels

Private in this sense carries two meanings: “adult” content and the regular variety. Basically, a private channel in Roku is a hidden channel; it doesn’t appear on the menu but it is available. You need to install channels manually if you want them. Also, you need to know the code used for each hidden channel.

Examples of hidden channels include Nowhere TV which streams live TV from free-to-air channels all over the world; FilmOn which is an internet-based television service that carries over 600 global channels as well as thousands of video-on-demand titles; and iTunes Podcasts which allows you to add, browse and listen to podcasts from iTunes. These are just a few of the many hidden channels available and the range of content is impressive. It’s a way for you to find more channels where your interests lie.

You can go to these sources to see which hidden channels you can add:

  • rokuguide.com/private-channels
  • roku-channels.com
  • rokuchannels.tv
  • streamfree.tv/listings/roku-private-channels

Roku has changed the way people consume content. Of course, the choice to cut the cable cord completely still warrants careful consideration but Roku does offer a wide variety of choices. But if you’re still not down on the idea of Roku, there are other similar products to choose from.

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