Common Windows 10 Problems

A successor to Windows 8.1, Windows 10 arrived in July 2015 and now runs on more than 400 million PCs, smartphones and tablets. It’s been more than a year since the newest operating system from Microsoft has been released thus giving users a lot of time to know it.

As with other software, Windows 10 didn’t arrive error-free. While some of the issues during its initial release have since been solved, there are others that still remain problems. Here’s a list of the common issues with Windows 10 and how to resolve them.

Rebooting automatically after software updates

Windows 10 relies a lot on the internet, especially with software updates. As long as there’s a connection to the web and updates are available, it will download and install those. Since reboots are almost always required after installations, there’s a good chance you will be working on something when Windows 10 suddenly restarts itself.

This is annoying and could lead to you losing everything you’ve done on the computer. Thankfully, there’s a solution:

  • Go to Settings -> Update & Security
  • Click Advanced Options -> Notify to Schedule Restart

What this does is create an alert whenever Windows 10 needs to reboot after downloading and installing updates. In short, it will be at your convenience.

Microsoft Edge won’t stream music when it’s minimized

Edge ships with Windows 10 and since it runs on other devices as well, it functions like it were on those devices rather than a computer. Music doesn’t stream when a mobile app is minimized and that problem is the same on Edge.

This is still an issue where the only solution is to use a different browser to play music or use a different app.

Touchscreen woes

Some Windows 10 machines have touchscreen capability, and using it can get quite frustrating. But the dilemma is quite easy to solve: go to Start -> Settings -> System -> Tablet Mode then turn Tablet Mode on. Doing this optimizes the OS for use with fingers.

These are just a few of the issues that come with Windows 10, and despite issuing regular updates, the OS is still plagued with many problems. The good thing is that a simple search on the web can provide you with alternative solutions until Microsoft releases a patch.

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