Download Apps that Were Popular and Trending on Google Play Store for January 2017

The beauty of Android is that there’s always bound to be a new app that people will obsess about. We are in the second month of 2017 and it’s time to look back at what was popular and trending on the Play Store the previous month. Should you find something you like, go ahead and download it! Then again, make sure you’ve always got enough space.

Trending Apps for January 2017

Here are some of the apps that trended on the Play Store last month:

  • Aqua Alert: Water Tracker Intake. A new year means trying to make true on resolutions. Being healthier is always on a New Year’s Resolution list, and it can start with drinking lots of water. With this app, you can track your drinking as well as set reminders to drink water.
  • Dubsmash. This app has been around a while but it’s not hard to see why this trended in January. Given the state of the world, it’s nice to have some fun. And if lip syncing to movie quotes and musical sounds is the solution then so be it.
  • CNN. We all need to know the news and the events that happened in January were huge. A well-loved man bid farewell while a less than savory character took his place. Their exit and entrance were streamed on the CNN app causing it to trend on the Play Store.

Popular Apps for January 2017

Each day brings something new to the Play Store but these were the new apps that received tons of love:

  • Bubble Witch 3 Saga. The Bubble Witch series is pretty popular, and this is the third in the lineup. Stella is back and she needs to defeat a cute foe called Wilbur. You can help her by trying to burst as many bubbles as you can.
  • Star Wars: Force Arena. What’s not to love about leading Star Wars characters into battle?
  • WWE: Champions. If you like pitting one WWE Superstar against another, then this app is for you.

These were the apps that Android users put on their devices for the month of January. A lot more interesting apps are coming this February so get ready to download a couple of apps from the Play Store!

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