Firefox 51 Is Now Available for Download – List of Changes

The 51st version of the popular Firefox browser by Mozilla was released on January 26, 2017. It was released for desktop users as well as for those who use Android. Those who already have the browser installed just need to update their browser to get the current version.

Here’s how:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on the Menu icon
  • Open the Help menu by clicking on ?
  • Click on About Firefox. This will perform a check to see if you have the latest version and will update if you don’t.

Android users will also be prompted for an update.

On the other hand, users who want to download Firefox will have to use another browser to go to the official site then get the installer. The same thing goes for Android users: they have to go their respective app stores to find the Firefox app.

Version 51 changes for Desktop

A few bugs were fixed in Version 51:

  • Geolocation issue in Windows
  • Multi-process incompatibility incorrectly registering with add-ons

That said, the bug involving the crash of older versions of Forepoint/Websense was not resolved. This might be added to a future release.

Version 51 changes for Android

Here are the changes:

  • Bulgarian, Kabyle, and Nepali locales were added
  • Reliability of browser data sync was improved
  • Belarusian local was removed
  • 2D graphics library (Skia) was used for content rendering

How about iOS?

You may have noticed that a Firefox update for iOS hasn’t been mentioned. That’s because there hasn’t been one since July 26, 2016, and that was for version 5.0.

It’s always a good idea to keep Firefox updated as new versions may include security patches and other fixes necessary for keeping data secure. So when you see a prompt on your phone for an update, do so as soon as possible. Desktop users should also check for new updates and make sure their version is current.

Firefox is one of the best web browsers available right now. Yes, Google Chrome may have surpassed it in terms of popularity and overall use, but there are a lot of things that you can do with Firefox that can convert you to a regular user.

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