Get Gmail Free Download for Mobile to Take Advantage of New Features

Gmail is free to use and is downloadable from Windows, Android and iOS devices. Android devices require setting up a Google account out-of-the-box, which would eventually enable you to use the Gmail app that comes pre-installed on any Android device. However, if you own an iOS device, you need to visit the App Store to download and install Gmail. The same goes for Windows mobile devices, which you can find from the Windows Store.

This app provides a lot of features that should be very useful, particularly when you often do online transactions. Here are several features that you can get when you use Gmail on your mobile devices.

  • Ability to Undo Send, in order to avoid any embarrassing mistakes.
  • You can also switch from one account to another for easier access of multiple accounts.
  • Get notifications faster with the updated notification center, lock screen, and badge options.
  • Mail searching is also faster using instant results, spelling suggestions, and predictions as you type.
  • Quickly clear out the inbox by swiping to delete or archive emails.

The latest versions for Android, Mac, and PC may have varied features, but here are some common updates that you might find useful.

  • Unless you have set up a new mobile signature, sent messages will now include your own Gmail Web signature.
  • You can select preferable browser when opening links, which you can set up in settings.
  • You can also hide images of the sender from the inbox, which you can also set up in the settings.
  • Viewing previous or next messages can be done by simply swiping right or left
  • Selecting multiple messages is also possible by just tapping on the image or the checkbox of the sender next to the messages.

You can get the latest Gmail updates anytime if you set up your devices to download and install new versions of the app as they come along.

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