Google Maps Update Promises To Make Our Daily Lives A Whole Lot Easier

As of recently, when one swipes up from the bottom of Google Maps home screen on devices which currently run on Android operating systems will see three new tabs appear in the form of a Places Tab, Driving Tab and last but definitely not least a Transit Tab.

These features were cleverly devised by Google’s developers to make sure that people are getting the best experience possible from their Maps service as the addition of the three new tabs display crucial information for people who are on the go such as real-time info about nearby places as well as traffic conditions and transit schedules.


When it comes to the places tab, it is perhaps the best addition that Google has made to their Maps service, of course besides showing important information about location. This feature displays a list of nearby places to eat as well as information regarding places of public interest such as ATMs, drug stores and gas stations.

What is even better about this feature is that it can tell the user in real time if a restaurant is full or not so that he or she will not have to hassle in order to find a place to eat.


The driving tab is similar to an app on its own as it shows important information about the traffic ahead of the driver in real time along with some precise ETAs which take into account road and weather conditions in approximating your route from point A to point B. Real-time traffic will only show when one presses the “start driving” button and the app will do its magic on itself.


A transit tab was so much needed for the Google Maps as it displays a lot of great recommendations for people who perhaps are not locals of a certain place as it displays crucial information regarding public transportation as well as ETAs for their arrival times. If visiting a new city or perhaps wondering off a few extra miles has you scared of the thought of getting lost, Google has conveniently got it covered for everyone.

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