Google Play Services APK 10.2.97 Update Download Available with New Fixes

Google’s Android operating system is one of the leading solutions in mobile device platform. You can arguably say that Apple’s iOS platform is the only pertinent competition that can realistically put any pressure on the Google service. Ever since its inception, Android has been about improving itself and bringing a more competent user experience with each iteration.

However, you will never get something referred to as a perfect service. That doesn’t mean that Google isn’t trying, with new features rolling out for its Android platform. But the community has to do its job as well in this process and ensure that all the phone’s services are constantly updated so that the newest additions, improvements and bug removals take effect on your device.

Google Services is  something that kind of keeps everything together on Android devices, and it manages your link to Google and what the developer can offer you. Just like any other app or service that is used on your smartphone, Google Services can be updated, and it has recently received a new version. The new version’s number is 10.2.97 and it brings further improvements in terms of functionality and performance. Additionally, gaming and maps have been touched upon as well.

If you are interested in keeping your device updated and getting the latest Google Services version up and running on it, here’s what you need to do:

Go to a secure website that allows you to download APK files, and download the latest Google Services APK. The build number of the APK should correspond with the aforementioned GS version number.

Download the APK file from your computer into your mobile phone, or if you’re using your mobile phone to download it already, simply transfer the file over to your local memory (on your mobile device).

When that is done, visit your handset’s Settings section and look for an option called Unknown Sources. Enable this option so that you can install the APK file.

Now just install the APK file and enjoy the updated version of Google Services. This is something you can continue doing every time a new version of GS comes out.

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