Google Play Store to be Released in China with NetEase’s Help

Back in November 2015, Google has announced that it will launch its Google Play Store in China before the end of 2016. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and it is not yet known why.

However, a new report is now bringing hope back, as it is stating that Google is teaming up with NetEase to release the Google Play Store in China. Thanks to this partnership, the big search engine company will most likely finally succeed releasing the official Android store in the mentioned country.

Unfortunately, there are no many known details regarding this partnership and if NetEase will be able to help Google to release its official Android store on the Chine market. At the same time, there is nothing sure regarding the timeline, process and accessibility. Let’s not forget that according to China’s regulations, Google will be heavily censored in this country, whenever it will be released. At the same time, China’s Cyberspace Administration has recently made it mandatory to register application stores with the state in order to have more control over the internet.

It is good to know that China’s second largest operator for online games is NetEase. This means that this company will try hard to bring the Google Play Store back to China. NetEase has also collaborated with other western companies in the past, in order to enable their entry into China. One of the games that entered the China’s market via NetEase is the popular Minecraft.

We remind you that Google withdrew its services out of China about 5 years ago, after refusing to continue self-censoring its search results. The big search engine company knows that China is a big market that should not be ignored. At the same time, Let’s not forget that Google’s biggest strength is its search engine and it is quite hard to introduce it in China.

However, thanks to NetEase, it is hoping to finally bring Google Play Store to China, but we’re pretty sure that it is also hoping that its search engine will be again available in the mentioned country also.

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