Hotfix Driver Addressing Minecraft Issues Released by Nvidia

A hotfix driver was released by Nvidia to address issues with Minecraft. The fix also includes a solution troubling Pascal-based GeForce GTX 10 Series cards. The release of the driver, version 378.57, was announced on the GeForce forums.

The hotfix driver fixes the following issues:

  • A crash in Minecraft and other Java-based titles
  • Debug Mode as default option in GPUs that are Pascal based

It’s not entirely what the first fix actually resolves just that the crash problem will be solved once the driver they’ve released is installed. Nvidia listens to complaints and issues raised in the GeForce forums and a lot of users were posting about not being able to load the game when the launcher was running. Although the problem didn’t affect all users – only a specific segment – there was more than enough complaints to warrant an investigation and provide a fix.

The GeForce driver is a complex beast and Nvidia’s team of software engineers work constantly to add features and fix bugs. Given that driver releases are generally timed with a particular game or product release, this can leave some users without any remedies for quite some time. As such, Nvidia is using hotfix drivers to address critical issues without having to wait for a major driver release. Although Nvidia still suggests waiting for the official WHQL certified driver, they understand the need for some users to want a cure for some problems.

Nvidia also announced that the hotfix drivers only go through a short QA process. This is why they label the fix as optional and still in beta mode. However, those who are truly bothered by the issues addressed in this fix can go ahead and get them remedied.

An official update is coming and the fixes added here will also be included in that version along with new enhancements and bug fixes. The specific issues addressed here were those that were complained a lot by users. That, and the fact that these were the bugs that Nvidia engineers were able to realistically address.

In addition to the Minecraft issues, Nvidia also included a fix for a problem associated with Pascal-based graphics cards. Complaints started pouring in after the January 24 release of the 378.49 WHQL-certified driver. Customers complained about Debug Mode being set as default which they couldn’t change. The version 378.49 driver was meant for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the beta Conan Exiles and the beta For Honor. The driver also included support for the following chips: GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti.

Nvidia made clear in their announcement on the GeForce forum that providing hotfix drivers is additional work for their engineers, but hopes that users get value out of it. This hotfix driver release serves as a trial to see if users like it and will look forward for more.

If you’re a Minecraft user who experienced the issues addressed in this fix, you can choose to download and install the hotfix driver provided on the GeForce forum or you can wait until Nvidia releases an official driver.

Minecraft just keeps getting better with each update, and Apple TV users can now enjoy the addictive game.

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  1. Worlds will not boot up. Keeps posting a hotfix statement but the does nothing but shut down game. Playing on a kindle fire.

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