What You Need to Know About BlueStacks for Mac

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Game apps are popular because they are not only fun and enjoyable, but also, they are perfect for de-stressing or killing time. Moreover, they come in handy if you need a few minutes to get your mind off work.  While these games are available for tablets and smartphones, it is still a lot more exciting if you can play your favorite game on a larger display.

With BlueStacks, playing your favorite mobile apps on your computer is possible. This software allows users to enjoy these apps either on a Mac or PC and supports multiple languages. This tool is an App player and is the only Android emulator that big players in the industry, such as, AMD, Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung, support.

Bluestacks for Mac lets you play your mobile games from a browser via your Mac and these are in full screen.  Not only does BlueStacks for Mac allow Google Play integration. Other key features of BlueStacks App Player include support for multiple configurations of the OS and an environment that can be customized.

Since the environment is able to run Android apps, it is possible for BlueStacks App Player for Mac to be configured to work with a Google Play account, in case you have one. This means that you can access and play whatever apps and games you have downloaded from Play Store and this is not the only configuration BlueStacks offer.

With BlueStacks for Mac, configuration of the user interface for your Mac is allowed that is suitable to complement your personality. Moreover, BlueStacks is designed to integrate with the custom software experiences which were developed by Apple. Another interesting thing about this tool is that it allows the user to enjoy an Android environment in full using BlueStacks App Player for Mac. Not only that. Installation of Android app icons straight to your Mac computer is also possible.

Today, more than 130 million users are enjoying the features of BlueStacks for Mac and PC. And all these are made possible with what is known as Layercake technology. For PC users, there are also free Android Emulators available.

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