Pokemon GO gets in trouble with Milwaukee County Board and now needs a permit

After the massive success of Pokemon GO, you would think that everyone loves the phenomenon augmented reality mobile game where people get to catch and train Pikachus and all the other types of Pokemon featured in the widely popular franchise. That isn’t exactly the case however, as proven by Milwaukee County Board and Milwaukee city officials which have instated a ban on the game.

It’s not an actual ban, but something similar in the sense that people’s access and permission to play the game has been restricted. It appears that the officials are now requiring Niantic, the developer of the game, to have a special permit. The same thing goes for other developers that want to come out with an augmented reality video game.

What could have caused this decision?

According to Milwaukee officials, the game has cause quite a craze in their city, to the point where a lot of disturbances were caused and reported in Milwaukee parks. Officials from the Parks department claim that Pokemon GO players have been trashing parks at late hours, leaving mayhem behind. Authorities have reported founding empty beer cans and similar trash, as well as a deprecated state of the public restrooms in the area. Residents of park areas have also reported loud noise coming from parks after late hours.

All this has led to the city taking action against Niantic and other potential AR game developers, in a similar way in which a city in France has completely banned the game in its entirety. That’s not as drastic as the measures taken by the Chinese government, which has banned Pokemon GO nation-wide. The reason for this was the fact that it is considered a security vulnerability. Taking all these rather out of the ordinary outcomes of the impact created by the game, Pokemon trainers all over the world should be careful not to step on anyone’s toes while they’re on a hunt.

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