Update Is Now Out for Google Earth and Earth Pro

If you use either Google Earth or Google Earth Pro, you’ll want to download version of the two products if you haven’t done so yet. Released in the middle of January, the update doesn’t bring a lot of major changes. However, it does fix various security issues and provide several solutions to bugs that may have been bugging you for some time now.

Specifically, it helps prevent crashes in the “View in Maps” feature whenever you log in and stops the Settings/Preferences dialog from exhibiting unexpected behavior. It also ensures that Earth Pro users won’t have any licensed-related issues, and it fixes problems related to saved KMZs that lose certain files as well as user interface elements that have been incorrectly localized.

Platform-Specific Issues

If you’re using Windows, you might have noticed that the “View in Maps” tool freezes or that the software hangs when you save your search results. There might also be times when the feedback tool is broken and you find it hard to submit bug reports as well as suggestions for software improvement. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry since the update provides fixes for these issues and ensure they won’t bother you anymore.

Mac owners will also rejoice since the latest update offers solutions to some of the bugs they’ve been having. If you own a Mac computer and download update, you’ll no longer experience installer conflicts between the Google Earth and Earth Pro. You’ll also avoid crashes if your computer is running on OS X 10.6.

If you’re using Google Earth on your Linux, you’ll notice that update prevents crashes when you view Moon landmarks and stops false warning messages from popping up. It also ensures that the installer actually installs the required libraries to make sure that your Google Earth works properly.

Changes that the update brings

As mentioned above, version doesn’t bring along major features or redesigns, but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the changes that come with it. One of the biggest is the fact that Google Earth Pro is now available for Linux — something that will surely delight Linux computer owners. Linux installers are also now signed, allowing users to have a smooth experience when using Google Earth and Earth Pro.

With the update, highly detailed terrain is now shown by default, so there’s no need to navigate various menus just to enjoy clear, sharp details. There are also a couple of new buttons — “Add web image” and “Add local image” — that allow you to easily choose the images you want when editing placemarks.

If you’re using Google Earth, you’ve most likely seen those links that encourage you to upgrade to Earth Pro. There’s nothing wrong with them, but you have to admit that they can be annoying. Well, here’s some good news: when you download update, it will remove these upsell links and let you enjoy an advertisement-free experience on Google Earth.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about the Google Earth and Earth Pro version Do you think it will make these programs easier to use? Share your comments below!

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