Viber Update Download Available with New Chat Feature

If one happens to own a smartphone and has a stable internet connection, he or she is now able to make video calls and send messages to anyone around the world free of charge by using Viber. This is a great tool to save some money when making calls.

This app brings some amazing features to the table such as instant video messaging as one can send recorded videos which can last for as much as 30 seconds as well some colors and emoticons to personalize chats and make them livelier.

Viber now enjoys some popular features which puts it pretty high in terms of similar apps which compete with it as the popular encrypted chat app rolled up an update which now lets people create and send “secret messages” in order for them to gain more control over the way in which information is communicated.

This feature is pretty amazing judging by the fact that users can now set which photos or videos will be archived in the chat before they send the actual media file. This comes as a great addition to the fact that users already had the option of deleting their texts from their devices as well as from the recipients’ phones.

This secret message feature even permits users to set a timer for images which will be further shared in a conversation but will not be included in an archive following the model of Snapchat. A photo will be sent for the recipient to view for a fixed interval which ranges from 1, 3, 7 and up to a maximum of 10 seconds before they will no longer be able to see the respective photo.

Viber has grown exponentially in the last couple of months as they can now boast with over 800 million users who have registered within the app as well as 260 millions who use the app on a monthly basis. Taking into account that it competes with a lot of messaging apps, they have to step up their game in order to even stay competitive with other software manufacturers but now it seems that they are finally on the right track in doing so.

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