WhatsApp New Update – Latest Features to be Released Soon

It is very important to update apps in order to get continuous full support from developers. Well, it is even more than that because updated apps can provide a number of great features that you don’t want to miss.

WhatsApp is one of those popular apps that you should regularly update. This is because it has recently brought some new features for Android and iOS devices. These features include the ability to recall or edit sent text messages. Moreover, it will give you the power to pinpoint the whereabouts of your contacts via the Live Location Tracking system.

According to sources, this is just a beta release that enables tracking of your movement. This is very useful for friends who wish to find each other during meetups. This new addition though is an opt-in feature, which will allow the user to activate the service in a number of intervals.

In this planned update, WhatsApp will enable users to recall, revoke, and edit messages already sent to the contacts in the chat app. So, if there are messages accidentally sent to the recipient, there is still a way to undo it.

Other things to be included in this upcoming update will involve typos or content correction. In this case, users are alerted via a cringe on the particular word or statement. Thus, it could save a lot of embarrassment to WhatsApp users.

Beta software updates are also being tested on iPhones. However, those with previous access with its beta program might find this feature to be disabled. Users simply need to find out within the settings menu to enable it.

iOS device users should know that this feature will be able to change the content using Edit, while Revoke would allow WhatsApp users to pull the text from the conversation as if the message never existed.

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