Windows 10 Creators Update Will Bring New Features to Microsoft Edge

Are you excited for the Windows 10 Creators Update? If you are, there’s one more reason to look forward to it: the update is set to bring some new features to the Microsoft Edge, allowing it close the gap with other browsers and making it even more helpful for users.

One of the most-awaited features focus on tab management. In a recent blog post, Microsoft reveals that Edge will soon support visual thumbnails, allowing users to see all the tabs they have opened in just a glance. It will also allow users to sort tabs into groups and set aside those that they currently don’t need but will use later on.

These features will certainly be embraced by many Edge users, particularly those who need to do heavy research and find themselves swamped with many tabs. If you’re one of these folks, you’ll definitely love the fact that you can now organize your tabs and create a more efficient digital workspace. You can also focus on the task on hand without worrying that you’ll lose the information you’ve looked up earlier,

The Windows 10 Creators Update will also provide more support for e-book lovers. If you love reading e-books on Edge, you’ll be able to adjust the font sizes, choose the layout you want, and have more control over theme navigation. E-books will reportedly be incorporated into Cortana, so we assume that you can use Microsoft’s virtual assistant to search for e-books based on title, author, and other details.

Another big change will be Microsoft Edge’s upcoming support for WebVR. This technology, which was created by Mozilla, makes it possible for web applications to run virtual reality content and allows you to enjoy these content as long as you have a VR headset.

Check out Microsoft’s official blog post to know more about how the latest Windows 10 Creators Update will improve Edge!

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