Google Chrome Newest Tips and Tricks for Better Improvements

The Google Chrome browser is currently used by over 62% of the total number of PC users all over the world. However, it seems that this browser is wasting a lot of battery on laptops or tablets. Today we will give you some hints on how to make your Google Chrome use less battery on your device.

Updating Your Google Chrome

It is very important to keep your Google Chrome updated because when a new version of the application is released, it comes with fixes for bugs and other issues that are found by the developers. In order to check if your Google Chrome is up to date, type “chrome://help” into the address bar and hit enter. The page will show you the version number that you have and a link where you can check for (and install) updates.

Suspending Tabs

One of the best features that the modern browsers come with is the ability to have multiple tabs. Two-three tabs can be fine, but when you have about 20 tabs open your browser will start using more battery than usual.

You can use a tool such as “Great Suspender”, which will automatically suspend a tab if you are not using it for a few minutes. At the same time, the tool will keep the tab there, which means that once you click on the tap to reload, it will continue where you left off.

Stop Using Useless Extensions

Extensions are some great tools which allow you to bring more new options and features to the Chrome browser. However, each extension added to Chrome will increase the load on your computer, which will lead to more power consumption.

By typing “chrome://extensions/” into the address bar (and hit enter), you will be able to disable the useless extensions that you don’t really need.

Don’t Allow Chrome to Run in the Background

Google Chrome can run on your computer without your knowledge, because it often hidden in your system tray on Windows or in your Dock on MacOS. You can stop this by right-clicking on it and uncheck the “Let Chrome run in the background”.

Blocking Flash and Manually Enable Plugins

The plugins that are installed/enabled on Google Chrome are another reason why this browser is using a lot of battery. We suggest you to manually disable individual plugins, but you can also disable all of them and just enable them when you really need them.

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