Nokia P1 Looking To Blow Away The Competition

Nokia is aiming to make a triumphant comeback to the smartphone market this year with its highly anticipated P1 model which is said to blow off every smartphone manufacturer from their podium if the device will prove to be as amazing as its specs and design recommends it.

The device is set to come out as the most anticipated device in 2017 as it will mark Nokia’s new swing at the smartphone market and headlines have been busy ever since the device was leaked. Rumors continue to flood the internet and even if half of them prove to be true the device will surely mark Nokia’s comeback in the already competitive market.


Nokia is slowly but surely moving towards the Android hype train as it seems that the company is adopting a new policy as the device will bear a lot of similarities with a lot of current smartphones such as the all-metal body which is slightly curved at the corners as well as the display which will be covered in Gorilla Glass 5.

When it comes to the physical home button, the device will have the fingerprint sensor embedded into it in order to allow its users to lock and unlock the device with ease.


The Nokia P1 will be the first device released by the tech giant which comes with Android right out of the box which means that users will enjoy a wide array of interesting features which are specific to this OS such as multi-windows apps and a better battery optimization as well as improved security.

When it comes to its cameras, they will make or break the device as they are going to have a Carl Zeiss-crafted lens that features a 22.6MP rear snapper. Considering the fact that it is manufactured in partnership with such a big name, the device will have one of the most powerful cameras on the market.


The Nokia P1 will be a staple in terms of smartphone performance as it will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip paired with a whopping 6GB of RAM which will give the device enough processing power to run as many apps at the same time as one wants without sacrificing performance. The whole device will be powered by a 3.500mAh battery which will last a day or two depending in which hands the device sits in.

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