WhatsApp Latest 2.17.24 Version Finally Ends International Calls Feature Rumor

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world today with more than one billion users. The benchmark was reached a year ago and up to this day, the number continues to rise.

That said, it will not come as a surprise if users and expect new features and other updates every now and then, some are real while others are mere rumors. Just recently, talks about a new status indicator feature coming soon have surfaced.

Well, with other competitors trying to unseat WhatsApp in terms of ranking on top as the most popular communication app, the team behind the app is always on their toes to improve the features.

One of the most sounding rumors as early as last year is about the international calls feature that will be added to the existing services of WhatsApp. People are asking if it is now possible to make video calls to friends and family from different parts of the world. Is this really possible?

WhatsApp started as a mobile messaging app that allows users to chat, send images, files, share location and exchange contacts, among others. You can also chat with people who are in your address book with WhatsApp on their devices, from other parts of the world, for free.

This messaging app now also offers VoIP service which makes it possible to call other WhatsApp users. So long as you are connected to the internet, you can enjoy the features of this messaging app.

With the latest WhatsApp update, the rumor of making international calls has become a reality. With the 2.17.24 version which was updated last January 20,WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp video calling as well as other video playing that is instantaneous, with no need to download what was sent to you.

If your Android OS is 4.1 and higher, you can make face-to-face chats with family and friends from other parts of the world. This new feature has addressed the rumor about international calls feature. However, data charges may apply. This means that while it is free to make video calls, international calls may be subjected to fees. Along with this, the latest update can now receive and send animated GIFs.

While there are some websites that say that video calling is still a rumor, checking out WhatsApp from Play Store will indicate that one of the features that came with the latest WhatsApp version is WhatsApp video calling. The BETA version of the latest update might not have included this feature but the more stable version came with it.

To make a call to an international number, see to it that you know the country and area code of the mobile number you are trying to contact. Ensure to add the number to your phone address book correctly by starting with a plus (+) sign and then the country code, followed by the area code and then the mobile phone number.

Meanwhile, Facebook, the social media network giant which now owns WhatsApp, has also introduced group voice calls on desktop last December.

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