Adobe Flash Player Older Versions Blocked by Google Chrome 56

It seems that the Adobe Flash Player is less and less preferred by most popular browsers out there. According to reports, the Google Chrome 56 is now blocking the Adobe Flash Player because it is “out of date”.

This has been already been reported by some users, but here are still other people who claim that they don’t have this problem while using this browser on their devices. Well, don’t worry because we have a solution on how to fix this problem and, in fact, it is quite easy.


On the address bar of your Google Chrome type in “chrome://components/” and press ENTER. Once that page loads, search for “Adobe Flash Player” and manually install the latest version of this tool.

Adobe Flash Player Is Slowly Dying

The solution we just offered you fixes the mentioned problem, but we have to warn to that the Adobe Flash Player still has many issues and bugs, which the developers will need to fix.

Unfortunately for Adobe, the HTML5 is already gaining popularity and we’ve already noticed that big companies have already started ditching the Flash Player for the new media player.

Adobe has not focused too much on the big issues that its Flash Player had for years and it seems that this is about to cost them. At the same time, we have noticed that the company is already trying to focus more on its other popular tools and applications such as: Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and more, showing that it knows that the Flash Player can’t be saved from this collapse.

Now, everyone is asking themselves when exactly Adobe Flash Player will truly die. Well, it is not sure yet, but earlier reports were suggesting that before the end of 2017, many companies will be using HTML5 instead of the Adobe Flash Player.

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